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Uncle and my 1st cousin Joan both took the myDNA test

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  • Uncle and my 1st cousin Joan both took the myDNA test

    My uncle Norman Hagan and my 1st cousin Joan Bailie both took the mtDNA test. What exactly does the X chromosome tell me when it does show blue on this chromosome?

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    1. mtDNA isn't a chromosome.

    2. As far as I know the mtDNA test doesn't show you anything about the X Chromosome.

    3. Did Norman and Joan take the Family Finder (FF) test rather than or in addition to mtDNA? If they did and you are looking the chromosome browser and you are comparing Norman to two other people with Joan being the second person you will see blue any place Norman and Joan match. Seeing blue on the X chromosome for Norman and Joan means they have common SNPs on the X chromosome and the length of the blue bar indicates the amount. You can view this same information in table format by click on that option at the top of the chromosome browser data.

    Men get their X from their mother and women get their X's from both their mother and their father. This would help you determine how Norman and Joan are related. You may already know this. If Norman is Joan's father you should see a lot of blue on the chromosome browser.

    Please understand I'm doing a lot of guessing for this reply, but it is the only way I'm able to come up with what I think you are seeing.


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      Wonderful explanation. Thank you so much. Joan is Norman's niece and yes I did see blue.