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  • Downloading Raw Data

    I am trying to find how to download raw data from my FT MtDNA to Gedmatch. I was able to do it very easy for the Autosomal. However, I can't find the X-DNA data. I tried the FASTA and that didn't work. Help! Thank you!

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    It is not your mtDNA file that gedmatch wants, it is your X chromosome Raw Data File.

    This file can be downloaded on the same page as your Autosomal Raw Data.

    There will be two files to choose from labelled Build 37 X Chromosome Raw Data and Build 36 X Chromosome Raw Data. Gedmatch use Build 36 Data, but will convert Build 37 Data if Build 37 is uploaded.


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      You enter the mtDNA manually at GedMatch. It is not a download of raw data.

      This can be done for existing kits by Editing your DNA Resource Profile. (First column on main screen)


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        Any luck

        I am curious if you ever got this to work.

        Gedmatch Genesis requires a VCF not a FASTA file to upload.


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          GEDmatch has simple directions:

          "You will need to select the Build 36 Raw Data Concatenated file to download from the options offered on FTDNA's download page the option is in the bottom left corner.

          For GENESIS build 37 is required."

          The files from FTDNA are file type .gz .

          The concatenated file includes the X data.