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Two diffrent test values for a few testpoints in one single X-chromosome

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  • Two diffrent test values for a few testpoints in one single X-chromosome

    I have downloaded the raw data for my chromosomes. I am male with one X chromosome from my mother. I have noted that for a few testpoints there are two diffrent values.
    Are these uncertaincy in the test process or are they mutaitions?

    rs17883004 X 1410495 AG
    rs5982920 X 2834723 CT
    rs5983130 X 3258105 CT
    rs35842692 X 4935714 AC
    rs35361563 X 5411068 AG
    rs5961373 X 5747952 AG
    rs809446 X 8503641 AG
    rs5951456 X 21699217 CT
    rs5928883 X 35526390 CT
    rs5919145 X 65758933 AG
    rs12010037 X 88469545 AG
    rs2534116 X 88685058 CT
    rs223677 X 88837422 CT
    rs2455512 X 88889091 GT
    rs34949051 X 88928128 AG
    rs3995196 X 89054395 AG
    rs5984008 X 89465824 AG
    rs5940807 X 89552827 GT
    rs2755514 X 89824761 AG
    rs17004240 X 89883383 AC
    rs3014505 X 90228900 CT
    rs28582134 X 90480280 CT
    rs5984967 X 91752101 CT
    rs2751415 X 91899552 AG
    rs2751196 X 91999280 CT
    rs1157112 X 92043484 CT
    rs35766825 X 92119963 AG
    rs2365839 X 92249593 AC
    rs5939945 X 92277171 AG
    rs5945372 X 152665914 AC

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    These are misreads/uncertaincy, as Males only have one X. (which FTDNA lists males values for X as a Homozgous pair by default)
    Testing allows for a set percentage of errors.

    Note, this does not effect matching as matching is based on half identical matching (only one value has to match)
    Majority of SNPs are 1 of 2 values, thus the majority of heterozygous will always match to another person. ie) AG will match the combinations of GG, AA, and AG
    It is the homozygous alleles that cause breaks in matching ie)AA, will match AA and AG, but not GG

    So if you are listed as AG for a position on X, you will either be A (AA) of G (GG)
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