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X and Autosomal across 4 sites

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  • X and Autosomal across 4 sites

    I have one distant cousin, double 5th, who shows a lot of cM, but varies considerably across the sites. Mostly due to how X is counted (or if it's counted).

    3 segments - Chr 7, X1 and x2

    chr 7 - 15.1
    X1 46.77
    X2 11.74
    Total 41 autosomal only
    Rank 542 out of 2009, 3rd to 5th

    Chr 7 17.7
    X1 49.86
    X2 8.21
    Total 1.02%, abt 76 autosomal + X
    Rank #2 out of 1374, 3rd to 4th

    GedMatch (both kits from FTDNA)
    Chr 7 18.8
    X1 47.0
    X2 12.4
    Total 18.8 autosomal only
    Rank about 500 out of 2000, 4.7 gen (3rd to 4th)

    Total @ 1 cM (31 segments) like FTDNA (14 segments)
    Total 81.2

    NOT a match. Therefore <6 autosomal/phased. No X counted
    Included in a DNA Circle.
    Was a match, pre-Timber.


    So the Big Picture is similar except at AncestryDNA. Since 23andMe does count X, my rank pops up to #2 there.

    If I were to nitpick, there are a lot of differences in the lengths and totals. More than I like. For instance, 23andMe is higher on X1 but lower on X2. And GedMatch picks up a lot more of the tiny segments than FTDNA, even though both kits were from FTDNA.

    Although I did not include START and STOP points, they were extremely similar. Slightly different for 23andMe.