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X-match with a-DNA match

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  • X-match with a-DNA match

    At I have some x-matches whose autosomal DNA (a-DNA) also match with mine.
    Does this mean that both segment matches (x chromosome and a-DNA) are of the same ancestry?

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    I can give my opinion. The X match has to follow the X inheritance pattern. If there are more than one set of possibilities for ancestors, then I don't think you'll know which one of the possibilities will be with the autosomal DNA. This is where triangulation should come into play. There may be other ways to try to figure this out. For example, my mother in law has 2 matches. They match at the X chromosome but not at the atDNA. Lets call the common ancestors of the 2 matches A and B. Due to the X inheritance the X matches which overlap would likely represent the B ancestors. For the atDNA, I don't think you'll be able to tell whether they represent A or B unless you use triangulation. In this case the two matches don't have overlap on the atDNA.