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Public Variants that are equivalent to the primary SNP

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  • Public Variants that are equivalent to the primary SNP

    I've scanned the available help files and still not sure about this:

    What is the significance / purpose of Public Variants that are equivalent to the primary SNP?
    I recently had my brothers BY700 done and that caused a move to a new a terminal SNP and new branch. That branch now shows 9 Public variants whereas before there were none.
    So my question is, are these just informational and if so, what is the current or future possible significance of these public variants - how do they / will they fit in to the total picture?
    and why doesn't it show Private variants anymore?

    Thanks for any details & info.!

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    Private variants are unconfirmed SNPs that have only appeared in one tester’s results. When another tester (brother, son, cousin) demonstrates any of the same variants, those SNPs are then named and placed on the tree. These named variants become public after being validated through multiple testers, so they are no longer unique to you!


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      nooni I get the private variant becoming named variants. What I'm not yet understanding is Why are there 9 "Equivalent Public variants" that were added to my branch. What does that mean?
      If they are variants that are equivalent, why do they have a different name designation? I must be missing something here



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        "Equivalent" means that they occupy the same "node" on the tree. They are SNP's that are in different locations, but they all occurred (arose by mutation) at about the same time. They are on the same "node" because, so far, everybody who has one of them on this part of the haplotree has all of them, there is as yet no data to establish their chronological sequence.


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          Just curious......Is there a process for deciding which equivalent SNP is used to designate a branch?

          In other words, why is this branch identified as BY19116? Why not BY189906 (second on the list)?

          Was BY19116 identified or named first? or is it more reliable in terms of high-quality reads?

          Is there any chance that this branch might be re-named to one of the other equivalent SNPs?