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  • F-M89

    I would appreciate it if someone could shed any light on my ' Y backbone' results.

    After being informed that a haplogroup prediction was not possible from my STRs, a backbone test was carried out and this resulted in F-M89. How generic or general is this and does it mean very much?

    When I processed my Y37 STRs through 'Athey', I received a result of J1 (> 80% probability).

    Which is the more accurate, given that my family history records indicate a paternal ancestor origin of Holland/Germany in the 1700s (and I would have expected an R of some sort)? However there are a few Js in a Dutch dataset that I have seen, but no F.

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    Do a Google search for 'F-M89', 'ISOGG F-M89' and 'FTDNA Haplogroup F'.


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      F-M89 is extremely basal. J, as in J-M304, is a few levels below. Haplotree | FamilyTreeDNA
      You are not getting much of an estimate with F-M89

      You should look into the BigY while it's on sale and get the real terminal haplotype.

      Since you already know that FTDNA is having problems predicting a haplotype, you might not get a lot of individual matches. If individual matches are important to you, the $400 or so for a BigY might seem excessive.

      If you are more interested in the haplotype, you could gamble and order a SNP Pack for J for $100 to $120. Another option would be to test at 23andMe, since they usually (not always) report decent haplotypes.


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        Thank you mabrams, for your helpful comments.