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  • Questions about R-S7049

    Ive recently done the NW irish panel off of YSEQ and ive descovered that im positive for FGC10138 which is downstream from R-M222 and R-S7049 more specifically. However, im having trouble trying to figure out anything about R-S7049 or FGC10138 as they seem to be very underexplored branches. I was hoping then that someone might be able to provide me with a bit of info on either of these or at least point in the right direction as to where i should ask questions or do further testing. Ive seen that YSEQ recommends that I do a YFULL test afterwards for more specific results and additionally that genetic homelands has a marker map of R-S7049 but im not sure of the reputability of the latter and what the former might be able to offer me. Also if im in the wrong avenue for this question pls let me know.