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  • SNPs and Geography

    Recent testing verifies that my haplogroup is R-S3997; one that seems to be shared by only a handful of men in the FTDNA database. Of those who have indicated ancestral locations, there are 2 that indicate Wales, and 1 that indicates England. I have also looked at a chart from YFull that has pretty much the same information (could even be the same people). Understandably, trying to pinpoint a location for the origination of a specific SNP is highly improbable. However, I was wondering if anyone here knows of a way to also look at DNA results from Britain, that may have them listed like FTDNA does in order to hopefully find others with this terminal SNP.

    Genealogically, my furthest known paternal ancestor is believed to have been born "around" 1764, "somewhere" in Virginia. Furthermore, the results of my Y111 test revealed only one other match with my surname (Steele) which was a bit disappointing. So I am hoping to use YDNA information to try to identify approximately where my ancestors my have been just prior to coming to America.