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    I just received my results from my SNP test for S3997, and it came back positive. I was in batch 1157 by the way, so I'm guessing those results are all complete. Anyway, my question is this: since the test came back as positive for this particular SNP, shouldn't my haplogroup change from "predicted M-269" to R1-S3997? Everything still just has my predicted haplogroup from my Y111 test.

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    Follow-up: I just got off a "chat" with Connor from Customer Service, and he informed me that the haplogroup change will probably take place over the weekend, as it normally takes a couple of days for the haplogroup change to reflect the results of an SNP test. BTW I just want to also say that the customer service was great. I've used the chat feature before, and each time the person on the other end has been very helpful and responsive.