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Is the Y-12 test enough

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  • Is the Y-12 test enough

    I believe I am descended f rom George Gardiner (1599-1677) and Herodious Long. There are many of us who can trace our ancestry back to a Loyalist named George Gardiner (1739-c1816) who settled in Elizabethtown, Ontario in the 1780s. He appears to have come from Ballstown, NY and his parents probably were Henry Gardiner (b 1714) and Ann Champlin but there is no proof. His descent from George is:

    George Gardiner (1599-1677) and Herodious Long
    Henry Gardiner (1645-1744) and Abigail Richmond
    Henry Gardiner (1690/91-1768) and Desire Havens
    Henry Gardiner (b 1714) and Ann Champlin

    I have one male Gardiner relative who should have the Y chromosome back to the original George. However, I am uncertain of what test he should take and what it would prove. Would the 12 marker test be adequate? If he can match the others in this group (R1b U106+ Z301 L48+ Z8? English with Germanic roots?, test Z8) would this be proof that George (b 1739) was from this line and therefore very probably son of Henry?

    It is slightly possible that George (b 1739) was a Scottish immigrant. The test would at least answer that question wouldn’t it?

    I asked this question of the administrator but received no answer. I don't want to encourage my cousin to waste his money on a test that isn't going to help.


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    The 12 marker test will give you a predicted Haplogroup. If your relative's predicted Haplogroup is not from the R branch it will prove there isn't a connection. If the predicted Haplogroup matches the base Haplogroup of other members of the group you have the slightest suggestion of a possible connection. You'll need a lot more than 12 markers to get a strong suggestion of a connection between to the line.


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      In "MY" Opinion "NO"!!! I have been doing this since 2011. YOUR BEST BET is save your MONEY, wait for a SALE, see if you can get some Coupons, AND DO THE "BIG-Y-700. Even at 111 markers it is hard to find out your closest relatives, unless YOU and YOUR COUSINS keep up with it. AND I mean ALL your Cousins take the test. - I have "10" 111's in my site. 4 of these have DIFFERENT last names, and they goes as such:6-6-7-7-8-8-9-9-10-10. <- this is how many MARKERS they are off from me. The FIRST two (6s) have the same LAST name as mine, BUT they are still WAY down the line on their SNPs, BUT, I found out Yesterday that they are 12 to 16 Generations away from me. We have "A LOT" of "MOOREs" in BERTIE & HARTFORD Co., NC. THROUGH my BIG-Y-700 test. I founded out that there were "3" Major MOORE groups, AND "ALL OF THEY ARE RELATED"!!! HERE THE BREAKDOWN: ALL OF US ARE FGC925; I am A12144, and should go BY106458. I have a Cousin in NC that is A12144, and should go A12141 (BROTHERS)! I have 2 Cousins that have gone FGC925 - FGC920 - FGC911; his brother - FGC925 - FGC920 - FT185176; and this FT175176, is in the same location as BY106458, and his brother, A12141. SO "NO" 12 MARKERS IS NOT ENOUGH, "IN "MY" OPINION"


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        For a Y-12 marker test, I believe those have to be ordered through a project. Otherwise, if you call FTDNA you might be able to order it. Ordering a Y-12 test does not show as an option when ordering online, though. If the administrator of the project did not respond, see if there are any co-administrators, and try contacting them. To which project do you refer? If the R _R1b ALL Subclades project, it's quite large, but someone should reply. The R U106 (R1b-U106) project has many co-administrators, if that is the one your kits are in.

        As for Y-12 vs. Big Y or otherwise in this case: if you initially just want to see if the Gardiner relative matches the haplogroup of the one already known for ancestor George Gardiner, Y-12 would give you that basic binary result: he either is R1b, or he's not. You may get predicted R-U106, but someone else who knows better than I can address that detail. A Y-12 would be the lowest cost to find that simple fact out. After that, if the Gardiner relative is predicted as having the R haplogroup, you can decide if you want to go for any type of SNP testing; I would say definitely get advice from project admins for that. They may well encourage the Big Y-700. But further STR testing, such as 37 or more markers, will not alter the basic predicted haplogroup you get with Y-12. Only SNP testing will narrow that down.

        FTDNA traditionally has had winter holiday sale prices starting in November (mid or late), through the end of the year. If a Y-12 test is done now, then you will probably have results before the sale, so if you need further testing you can take advantage of sale prices. Also, note that Y-111 is included in Big Y-700 testing, so don't order Y-111 if you think you'll do Big Y-700 at some point.