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    1001CB56-84FE-4908-B813-7D55CF383EA1.jpeg Hello everyone. I hope someone can answer my questions. I have posted to my Hamilton DNA group about two weeks ago, but neither of The administrators have bothered to answer.

    I have questions about how to read an SNP tree. I have attached a screen shot of the tree I am trying to understand. Please tell me if I am reading it correctly.

    1. Everyone on this branch has an SNP at Z63 and L1237
    Then there is a split
    2. Warren Deatherage and Nick Wormley’s line branches off with an additional SNP—FGC7026.
    3. Then James Hamilton (Group B) branched off Z63/L1237. Everyone descended from James has SNPs at y6628, y6612 and y6636
    4. Bill Arthurs, William, Gavin, Abercorn, Paul, David and Mathew are on the same branch—the y6628/y6612/y6636 branch
    5. The y6628/y6612/y6636 branch then splits into 6 more branches
    6. y6624 is one of those 6 branches and it splits into two more branches—one with an SNP at y14194 and another branch with SNPs at y6635 and y6626.
    7. What are the #s I have circled on James John’s branch and under his name?
    8. My father’s STR results are a close match to James John. IF I were to have Y700 analysis of my father’s sample, would I be able to tell if my father’s line branched from James John’s or if his branched from Dad’s? What might that look like on the tree?

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    You'll know which SNPs, if any, you share with James John. At the bottom of your screen shot it tells you the numbers are the positions of the SNPs on the Y Chromosome. The chart is over 2 years old.


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      Jim, thank you for your reply. I understand I would learn what SNPs I had in common with James John and the SNP’s in red are the ones defining that branch. Just because the chart is two years old doesn’t mean it isn’t current—I don’t think anyone else has had y700 or the SNP pack Since then.

      Am I reading the tree correctly? For example, James John has SNPs at Z63, L1237, y6628, y6612, y6636, y16967, 16811. Then 4 more SNPs at the positions I’ve circled? But why are they there? Because he doesn’t share those with anyone else? And what about the numbers under his name? Why are they there?