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  • Newbie seeking advice

    Hello! I received the results of my YDNA37 test recently. My surname is Stolz and my haplogroup is R-M269. I'm just beginning to decipher the data. I'd appreciate any tips, suggestions, etc. I just ordered the Family Finder test to add to my results. It's *a lot* of data to wade through and I'm at a loss to know where to begin. Thanks!
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    The FTDNA Learning Center has a User Guide, with a page of links for Y-DNA Results Pages. The Expert's Handbook in the Learning Center also has a section for Y-DNA testing, but you may want to wait until you feel more comfortable with Y-DNA results.

    You may want to also read:For Family Finder, the FTDNA autosomal test, there are similar sections in the FTDNA Learning Center, and also at the other two sites linked above. It would be good to read up on it before your results come in. Roberta Estes has many articles that are written well for beginners, including several on autosomal DNA and matching.

    In the future, you may not want to post your kit number, as it could be a security concern since it is part of the log in to your account.


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      Thanks, I appreciate it very much!


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