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  • Y-DNA Ancestral Origins

    It's been 10 years since I took my first Y-DNA test at FTDNA. As I added tests with more markers my Y-DNA progressed from R1b to R-M269 to R-P312 and to R-L238 Nordic, called "Nordic". In over 40 years of paper research I learned my most distant known paternal ancestor came from Halland province in southern Sweden to Germany between 1185 and 1190, over 800 years ago.

    When I look at the FTDNA's Ancestral Origins report, the vast majority of my matches are from the British Isles, and especially Ireland, even though I don't have even one single paternal ancestor going back 800 years who was born in the British Isles.

    I have been told that my paternal ancestors may have originally come from the British Isles more than 800 years ago. I have also been told that paternal cousins may have gone from Scandinavia to the British Isles over 800 years ago.

    Is there any way to better determine which way they went, and when?