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R1b DF19 Y - DNA map

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  • R1b DF19 Y - DNA map

    A relative is listed as R1b DF19 Y - DNA. It seems it is from the Vikings being found in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy. A blog called on blogger claims that this y - DNA is from the Saxons who descended from the Sacae (Scythians) from the Tribe of Issachar while others claim the Saxons are from the Tribe of Judah....though he gives no explanation of how he directly links this DNA specifically to the Saxon warriors.

    It is also possible that the ancient Saxons were the ancestors of the Danes who later invaded as Vikings centuries later.

    I've also read a few people on message boards writing that this y - DNA was found in the remains of a Roman soldier buried in York, England.

    Most experts seem to believe R1b DF19 originated in Denmark and is probably from the Dane Vikings invading into Normandy, France, then the British Isles.

    Another relative with the same surname was listed as R1b U152 on back in 2009, but DF19 was discovered in's likely they were listing DF19 carried as U152 back then, both being closely related.

    Does anyone have information on R1b DF19 y - DNA and does anyone have a distribution map of where it is found like the other sub glades?