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Question on haplogroup upgrade

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  • Question on haplogroup upgrade

    Hello all, I’m new here so forgive my ignorance please. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and it seems that to get further into my paternal origins, I need to either get an SNP pack or the Big Y test. So far I am leaning towards the Big Y.
    The downstream SNP’s for my haplogroup, R-M269, are a pack for the M343.
    i have done the 67 test and at that number my closest match does not share a surname and has a genetic distance of 4. Can anyone shed some light on what that means please?
    I have also joined the Wales project but nobody seems to be at home there and the Reece project is all quiet too and they are the areas I am trying to narrow down. Clearly I need to get some further results.

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    Genetic Distance of 4 means that on the STR testing results, there are "4 mutation events" being counted. So on the 67 marker panel, there are 4 differences which have been noted. That is not to be confused with "4 of 67 markers are different" as one marker can account for multiple differences. By Y37, I'm at GD2 with my father, although in that case, I actually do differ with him on two different markers.

    I have another person I match with where one (polymorphic) marker managed to put me at GD3 with them all by itself. As to "what it means" in regards to your specific situation, ideally there is a haplogroup project underway that you could join and one of the Admins could shed some light on things. It's likely to require a manual scoring and examination of what the differences are in order to draw any conclusions. He could be a 2nd cousin you never knew about, or your common (male) ancestor could be 500 years in the past.

    SNP tests are by far much more reliable, but they're also not as widely used. The SNP Packs are good for "on the cheap" but unless you're already matching somebody on a STR test, or matching them autosomally, the SNP Packs won't help you find new matches. It'll just help better explain how you match against existing matches(single SNP tests have the same restriction).

    BigY basically handles every SNP testing pack/single SNP test currently available on FTDNA, it also provides you with new matches you're not likely to see via either STR testing or through atDNA.


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      Hello bartarl, thank you for your explanation and taking time to put that together. Given that this match is a genetic distance of 4 with a much different surname, it could be a second cousin or a common ancestor much in the past as you say. He has done a Y-111 test so that might be an option for me or the Big-Y.
      it is strange how the surnames can differ so much but then all this is very new to me. I’ll shoot him an email as well and see if there’s a story to tell.