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Haplogroup number difference between grand-nephew & grand-uncle ???

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  • Haplogroup number difference between grand-nephew & grand-uncle ???

    my cousin (grand-nephew) & my father (grand-uncle) are from the same male line going back to my grandfather.

    my father’s ydna haplogroup is R-M512

    my cousin's ydna haplogroup is R-M198.

    if it’s the same male family line, but different generations why do the haplogroups vary ????

    i don't understand & hoping someone could explain this to me, thanks. Carola (my father's oldest daughter)

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    R-M512 is a predicted Haplogroup. R-M198 is a confirmed Haplogroup and is downstream of of R-M512, meaning there has been SNP testing for this kit. If you SNP test your father for R-M198 I'd expect him to test positive for it.


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      many thanks for your explanation.
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        I'm new. Took y37 test. Also downloaded y46 test results from ftdna has a bug. They can't properly display my new results. I'm in limbo. I have a project called Burgoon Burgan Burgun. I would like to post the y46 results to the project. Can't figure it out. The y46 results are posted under other results.


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          The normal procedure is to transfer your Ancestry Y-DNA results to FTDNA and they upgrade to fill in the gaps to get Y-DNA37 or Y-DNA67. Ancestry didn't count the repeats on a few of the STRs the same way FTDNA does so an adjustment has to be made to get the converted value. Just because FTDNA doesn't display your results from another company the way you want to see it doesn't mean FTDNA has a bug.

          Why don't you provide a link to your project so we can see what you are trying to do?


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            Jim, Thanks. I don't know how to provide a link. is the home page for my Administration. Burgoon Burgan Burgun is the name of the project.

            FTDNA keeps telling me there is a bug in the program that is preventing me from seeing my results.

            I can see the results from my y test done by posted under Other Results. There are 46 strs and they match the values I submitted.

            When I look at my newly posted results from FTDNA, there are only 3 str values and no matches. The matches page says I have not aurthorized the matches to be shown (when, in fact, I have authorized it.)

            I would like to be able to post the "Other results" to my project. Don't know if this is possible.


            Al Burgoon


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              Al, I sent you a private message.


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                Rolf On the R1A side of things, there appears to have been a shift in designations over time. Older kits had R-M512 assigned, then at some later point they shifted to assigning R-M198 as the designation for that cluster, but for some reason they never went back to re-designate the others. In the overwhelming majority of cases, If you have M512, you have M198, and vice-versa as well. From what I've seen, I don't think there are any known examples of somebody having one marker and not having the other.

                Based on that, I'm guessing your father did a Y-STR test a number or years ago, and the cousin tested recently?


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                  hi bartarl260, yes i tested my late father back in 2012 in what was then called a 'full genome' test & paid for my cousin to test this year as a comparison.