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Is there a Y-NDA group for R-M269?

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  • Is there a Y-NDA group for R-M269?

    I was just wondering if I could get in contact with other people who are of the Y-DNA group R-M269. thanks

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    Have you joined the R _R1b ALL Subclades project? They have an Activity Feed where you can ask questions and get advice from the projects administrators (R-M269 falls within this project).


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      Hi, If you have taken the FF test, you can quickly see the haplogroups of those who are related to you by doing an advanced search from the pull down menu connected to FF. It will show you all the people who have tested with the FF and what relationship they are to you. If they have taken the Y-DNA and the mtDNA test their haplogroup shows up next to the matches name. I haven't taken the Y-DNA as a female but I can see the haplogroups of all my male FF matches who have taken the test along with the Y-DNA test. My brother tested as R-M269 and I can run the same FF advanced match and see who matches him in that haplogroup. KATM's suggestion on joining a project is also a good idea.


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        Keigh, this sounds great, but when I choose Advanced Search on the Family Finder - Matches page , it just separates names and ancestral surnames. Did you mean the Advanced Matches in the FF section of the kit page?


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          When you are on the "Home" page you can select "Advanced Matches" in the Family Finder, Y-DNA or mtDNA sections rather than selecting Matches in those sections.