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  • Which SNP pack...

    I'm thinking about doing an SNP pack with FTDNA. Seeing as I have not done any with FTDNA, they recommend "R1b - M343&M269v2 Backbone SNP Pack"
    I have tested with Helix (not transferable) and they have me as SRY2627 which is deeper and part of FTDNA's "R1b - Z198 SNP Pack"
    Should I forgo the M343 and just go with the Z198? I don't have a lot of confidence with anything from Helix, but I doubt they got this wrong, or could they have?

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    Anything is possible. Probability is another matter.

    You're probably safe enough skipping the lower level test and grabbing the SNP Pack which covers the Z198 portion of the R-1b tree, as that is where you've previously had a positive result.