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  • What SNP to buy?

    My Y-DNA test showed that I belong to the R-M269 haplogroup but someone suggested that I buy a SNPs package to narrow the field. I found a NPE in my Y line and I am trying to find a biological ancestor. I have found only 1 person who matches me on 37, a dozen on 25 and many on 12 which is not very good. Is there a SPN package that can help me in my case? I don't want to spend too much money if the results won't help. Or should I just be patient and wait until someone closer to me tests and I can find at least a surname. Thanks

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    Refining your haplogroup will not help with matches, as haplogroups are generally older then surnames.
    As a rule, all of your 37 marker matches will be of the same final haplogroup subclade as you.

    Only BigY does haplogroup matching , most expensive yDNA SNP testing offered by FTDNA which includes Full STR testing (up to the 111 marker level).
    BigY test the entire y Chromosome

    If looking for matches and as surname you will have to rely more on your STR marker results