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Different y-haplogroups for known kin

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  • Different y-haplogroups for known kin

    My brother has done 111 markers and is haplogroup EL117 but our undoubted cousin with 67 markers is EM 35. Another cousin at 111 is EM 34 with a good paper trail. What's happening?

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    Did your brother take a SNP test? Did your cousin at E-M34 take a SNP test? I ask because E-M34 is downstream of E-M35/L117.

    L117 and M35 are phyloequivalents if ISOGG and YFull are up to date.


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      Have any of them done SNP testing? If you look at the Haplotree & SNP page you'll find L117 & M35 on the same line, meaning they are equivelant. M34 is down stream from them which makes me think that kit owner has done SNP testing and was positive for M34. If the other two kits tested for SNP M34 they will probably test positive for it also.


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        In other words, unless there has been additional testing, there is no evidence that these "kin" have any SNP differences in their Y chromosomes, only that they have not all been tested for exactly the same set of SNP's.


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          FTDNA does not know about family relationships between test results. Each test result is based off of the information present on that account. Within a project an admin would group related results together and then individuals would be able to take the most refined haplogroup and apply it to all in the grouping.