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  • Guidance on ordering SNP's

    I have been shown positive for R-Z207 by Geno 2.0 which is unfortunately not transferable. Seeing as I am listed as R-M269 "predicted" with FtDNA, would it be of any additional benefit to me to test for R-Z207 here?

    If I assume if I were to confirm R-Z207 here, it would eliminate the need to test anything upstream...

    Help a newbie understand

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    You can consider R1b - Z198 SNP Pack for $99.

    It would give you confirmation on Z207 and it would go deeper into subclades: CTS4299 and Y15646. You can look up the following SNPs in your haplotree.
    Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
    SRY2627, Z199, Z204, Z269, Z202, Z203, Z264, Z266, Z205, Z207, CTS4299, CTS606, PF2462, CTS4015, CTS4188, Z198, BY3192, BY3193, BY3194, BY3195, BY3196, BY3197, BY3198, BY3199, BY3201, BY3204, BY3210, BY3211, BY3213, BY3214, BY3215, BY3216, BY3217, BY3218, BY3219, BY3220, BY3221, BY3223, BY3225, A477, A478, BY129, BY131, BY132, BY133, BY134, BY209, BY210, BY456, CTS10339, CTS10783, CTS11486, CTS4549, ZS312, Z693, CTS8289, CTS9993, FGC11245, M3920, Z690, S11121, S11475, S14445, S22015, S5643, S5647, S5661, Z267, Z263, Z208, Z206, Z201, Z200, S6338, S6339, S6366, Y5131, Y5135, Y15646, Y15783, Y15784, Y5108, Y5109, Y5110, Y5113, Y5114, BY3252, BY3253, BY3254, BY3255, BY3256, BY3257, BY3258, BY3259, BY3260, BY3262, BY3263, BY3264, BY3265, Y17559, BY3266, BY3267, BY3268, BY3269, BY3270, Z29707, Y9114, Y8421, Y8417, Y8412, Y8411, Y7733, Y7729, Y17741, BY3271, BY3272, BY3274, CTS3555, CTS5337, Y1238, FGC11225, FGC20084, FGC35932, FGC39110, FGC39114, PH4190, PH5262, S23468, FGC40832

    Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
    S4415, F3198, F1287, CTS10893, PF1023, CTS5284, CTS7416, F2536, CTS9454, F1697, PF4354, PF4280, CTS3437, F3161, CTS10355, CTS10409, CTS43, CTS4716, Z29719, BY3273, FGC9381, S16419, A7080, A7414, A7415, Y16965

    Mr. W.

    P.S. The R1b haplotree was expanded since FTDNA wrote the above description, so some of the SNPs listed as NOT on the haplotree are already included.