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  • Adding Y-haplogroup test

    Hi all,
    I ordered a Y-haplogroup test for my dad and they have received it. I'm looking for a way to add his kit to my page so when the results are in I can compare them to mine, etc. Or will I have to make a new page for him? Also, will it tell me what regions my dad's line came from? Thanks.

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    Just making sure, do you and your father have different kit numbers?

    Mr. W.


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      Yes we do, I've received the email with the kit number.


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        Thank you for clarification!

        I am sorry for extreme terseness, but at his moment I have time to write just a few words.

        Results cannot be merged. You can always open two different browsers (for example on Microsoft Windows they could be Edge and Firefox), login to each kit, and compare results by looking at them in two windows side-by-side. That works for Y DNA and mtDNA. For the results from Family Finder the built-in functions like the Chromosome Browser and In Common With alleviate the need to be logged in two browsers.

        FTDNA operates on the assumption that one compares Y DNA or mtDNA results in projects, since in addition to projects devoted to a single haplogroup (be it either Y DNA or mtDNA), there are projects devoted to geographical areas, and populations.

        Large families (clans) associated with Y DNA lines have their Y DNA projects too.

        For Y DNA, you can expect your results to be identical, but a difference or two or even three although decisively less likely can also be expected. After all, mutations do happen. With the same Y DNA results, your matches would also be identical.

        There are no projects for Family Finder.

        FTDNA has recently announced that creation of new projects was placed on-hold until some time after Friday, the 25th of May 2018 (that is after the new - more stringent - privacy rules are fully implemented together with a new interface, initial rollout of the new interface was last Tuesday - 4 days ago).

        Mr. W.