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upgrade Y-37 or choose SNP's ?

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  • upgrade Y-37 or choose SNP's ?

    My brother has tested at Y-DNA-37, and is given a predicted haplogroup of I-M223. So far he has only one match, that being a known uncle. The system is showing two possible "upgrade" paths. The first is to upgrade from Y-37 to Y-111 for a more detailed analysis. The second is a special discounted upgrade of 154 SNP's for M223. Which would be more useful??

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    More useful for what? If you are looking for other people you may be related to within the past 500 years or so, neither may be helpful. Upgrading STRs and doing SNP testing are both useful for getting better information about how closely you are related to kits you have already matched with. Doing SNP testing will show where you are on the phylogenetic tree, but will probably not find you any new matches. Upgraded STR testing "could" find some additional matches, but it may not, and any matches would probably be pretty distant.
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      Have you joined his kit to the I-M223 Y-Haplogroup project? If your brother and/or uncle are joined there, you can find out better where in the tree you fit and ask the question there about the upgrade paths. It is a little bit about what you are trying to find, but the community there can help you with making the decision that is right for you.