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Question abt. Y111 Upgrade

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  • Question abt. Y111 Upgrade

    My father did a Ydna test up to 67 markers here at FTDNA. When I went to Upgrade him to the y111 test a box came up (looked like a file drawer) and above it said something like "this test cannot be added because it already exists". I can assure I have never upgraded my fathers dna test to the 111 category yet. Why am I getting this message? Also curiously I got a message the other day from FTDNA telling me I had a new match at 67 markers to my dad (our last name) I always get excited by those. However it was someone I'd already matched to at 67 markers last year when they did their test and we knew we were linked as we have been in email contact for several years now. Is this Ftdna's way of telling me they've already done my dad's ydna out to 111 markers but if I want to actually see the results I will have to pay them the $129.00?? I don't want to click on the Order the Upgrade button only to be charged for a test I haven't done yet and then have the hassel of trying to sort that all out. I have read on here that folks are having difficulties Upgrading when they have test already in existence. Could this be my troubles and is there a way around this so I don't get charged and so that FTDNA willindeed Upgrade my dad's test to the Y111 level?
    We are IL22(Norse) haplogroup but I don't see a category on here for that nor for our MOODY/Moodie/Mudie surname which I thought there was. Thank you for any further help.

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      Log on to your fathers kit and click on Cart (upper right)

      Make sure cart is empty and displaying his name and kit number, then select yDNA111 and see if it will work

      if cart does not list his name and kit number, click on Add or gift another kit > then click on is Kit number for an existing customer and enter his kit and password

      You can click on Order History on fathers Homepage and it will list all tests ordered.
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        That message may have appeared because at some point you may have added the Y111 upgrade and just left it in there. Or you clicked on the Y111 twice or the system glitched and thought you did. As stated by prairielad, go to the cart and remove the tests in it. Then do it again. Make sure to log into the right kit so you don't accidentally order a new Y111 for a new kit.