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  • So this possible connection between the Doreys and the de Forz family is just a coincidence. That Testa de Nevil entry showing a Geoffrey "Dory" at Holland, Lincolnshire in the Honour of Albmemarle is actually referring to one Geoffrey D'Oyry, son of Fulk D'Oyry, whose family were definitely from eastern France and not Poitou. They were long time adherents of the family of the wife of the first William de Forz, Awise.

    Not entirely unexpected, since the donor's family have only known a history in the Channel Islands, but a return to the start. Maybe an undocumented Gascon emigrant to the opposite shore of England, where the name is not uncommon, or maybe really part of the colonization of western Normandy from Ireland and Scotland after all, as hypothesized at the beginning of this whole process. Or maybe an NPE with some family like Jamouneau, who are supposed to have been Huguenot refugees of the 18th century from Poitou; the Doreys proper have been in the Islands since the 1500s at least.

    It would be nice to know whether Henderson and Dorey share any SNPS under FGC23343.

    Originally posted by benowicz View Post
    To my knowledge, that Dorey fellow from the old YSearch database had never been tested for FGC23343, so his apparent "near match" to some members of the FGC28369 could be an extreme example of STR convergence. Certainly there is some level of convergence going on, given the observed level of matching among the various members of the FGC28369 group--it's just a question of how extreme it is. The relationship could be as near as 1000 A.D.

    Anyhow, there is one reference to a Geoffrey Dory in the Testa de Neville, at Holland, Lincolnshire, within the honour of Albemarle.

    The Testa was compiled in 1302 based on records of nearly 100 years earlier, when the de Forz family from Oleron, France that I mentioned earlier were earls of Albemarle.

    Also mentioned in that entry from the Testa were the de Gresley/de Grelley family of Lancashire, who shared an interest in Ecclestone, Lancashire with the Garnet family at this same time (i.e., Henry III).

    For a long time now the Dorey name has been primarily found in the Channel Islands and across the way in Dorsetshire, and there probably is no particular reason to believe that either of those branches relate to this Lincolnshire family. But it is interesting, may be worth noting as a place to begin future research. The de Gresleys were from Avranches on the Cotentin peninsula, as were the d'Aubignys with whom the Garnets allied themselves early on, so maybe that will become significant vis-a-vis the earliest recorded Doreys at Etourville in Manche.
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    • Benowicz! Thank you for all of your work unraveling the mysteries of FGC28369 and FGC23343. I too have been working on this mystery for some time, albeit from an Edgeworth-centric perspective. I'd like to send you a copy of my book, Domesday DNA, to see if you find some useful nuggets to help you discover the truth about FGC28369.


      • Thank you kindly! I've just responded via email. Hopefully 2020 will be a year of answers for this clade!