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What is after DF27 and Z-195?

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  • What is after DF27 and Z-195?

    Dear Forum,

    I received some test results back and I'm Z-195. I joined the DF27 group. I see no-one with my surname or geographical location although I understand that family names originated relatively recently and locations are fluid over time.

    My question is whether or not I can go 'downstream' of Z-195 and what would that tell me? Is there any more that a further test can tell me and is it worth 119 USD?

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    The get an idea of what is down stream of Z195 sign into your myFTDNA website and go to the Haplogroup & SNPs page. Search for Z195 and view the long list of SNPs down stream from it. The only test in your suggested price range is a SNP pack. The admins of the DF27 group should be able to make a suggestion for you. Of course they'll probably tell you that you are wasting your money if you don't order Big Y.


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      thank you for the comment. Yes, I see that the Big Y is the thing being 'pushed' by many groups. I saw how many groups are 'downstream' of Z-195. I don't understand what they will tell me about my Y chromosome. Is it to do with locality, age of mutation or am I part Basque Mouse? Any ideas?


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        It's one of the least studied of the major Y SNPs. At this point there is almost nothing meaningful anyone can say about this SNP and its descendants. There are a few notable subclade concentrations in Iberia, but nobody knows what it means and the vast majority of bearers are scattered in no particular pattern throughout Europe. Possibly the least interesting SNP of them all.


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          DF27 is the most interesting SNP to me since it's frequency is at it's highest in Iberia and many of my distant cousins that are direct paternal descendants of my ancestors have tested positive for DF27. Almost half of all DF27 positive people in Iberia or of Iberian descent are positive for Z195. I keep hoping that upcoming studies will show some ancient samples from western Europe that are positive for DF27 or a subclade of DF27. So far they are either untested or negative for DF27 and subclades except for one whose result is in dispute.