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    I had my brother tested (he is R-Z306) and my son (he is R-Z207) Are there groups I should join to learn more about these haplogroups? TY

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    There are several R Haplogroups. Pick the one that is the best fit for your Haplogroups. Project "R1b-P89.2" includes Z306. Both kits could join "R_R1b ALL Subclades"

    Z207 = R1b1a1a2a1a2a1b1a1a~
    Z306 = R1b1a1a2a1a1c1a


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      Dear Paula,

      I would encourage you to join the R-U106/S21 haplogroup project:
      we have 624 other Z306+ testers (including myself).

      Z306 is an old mutation, probably around 4500 years old. It descends from R-U106, a branch of R-P311/L151/L11, which is likely representative of the migration of our ancestors from the steppelands north of the Baltic and Caspians seas, into western Europe, via a group associated with the archaeologicial Corded Ware Culture.

      Z306 is found across Europe, but is more prevalent in southern Germanic countries, particularly in various locations along the Rhine valley, from whence it is likely it spread. It is a common haplogroup among British populations and their diaspora. Its age means we cannot be more specific about your particular family's origins without more detailed information. So please feel free to join up and e-mail me directly (I'm one of the admins listed on the left side of the page linked above).

      Best wishes,