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5 distant results with level 67. Is 111 worth it?

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  • 5 distant results with level 67. Is 111 worth it?

    In my y-dna 67 results, I only got 5 matches= One with a genetic distance of 4, the others with 7. The most common haplogroup, rm269.

    Is there any point in upgrading to a y-dna 111 level? I'm wary that I would just get no matches- except the possibility of a miracle match in the future, that might show with the 67 anyway. (I suspect my supposed grandfather was not the biological father).

    Anyway I don't want to spend the $100 if I just get less instead of more results. Thought I'd ask, so to have more informed advice to help me decide.

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    I tend to agree with your caution on Y-111. It produced no particularly useful information for me -- there were one or two matches, but just not close enough to suggest any new research strategy. However, the Big Y test, once interpreted by YFull ($) and/or the "Big Tree" project (free) of Alex Williamson (I happened to fall under R-P312, the subject of Alex's project), placed me definitively on a little twig of the Y haplotree, far away from any other McCoy that had been tested. At last, I could be sure that my McCoy wasn't related to the others, and I could safely ignore them in my research! While I'm still waiting for a really good match that will lead me to further research, at least I know where I belong on the haplotree, which the STR tests never told me. Whether the new features of Big Y on FTDNA will tell me exactly the same thing, I'm not sure, because the revisions for the "new" Big Y don't seem to be complete yet. The Big Tree project seems a better bet within R-P312.