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    What is the difference between my Haplogroup H11a2a and a family finder (distant) match with Haplogroup H11a2a1?

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    It looks like H11a2a1 is a descendant of H11a2a.

    If the first couple of letters are the same, for example E1b1b1. But the ending is a bit different like E1b1b1c, they're descendants. Or related like E1b1b1a would be related to E1b1b1c but they're not descendants of each other. There common ancestor would however be E1b1b1. E1b1b1a2 would be a descendant of E1b1b1a.
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      As the previous poster described, each letter and number in the haplogroup name indicates its place on the tree in relationship to other subclades. So, H11a2a1 is one level down from H11a2a, meaning that it's descended from H11a2a.

      Each level (called subclade) in the tree is defined by a specific mutation, which is what the mtDNA test looks for. Go to and search for H11a2a1. You'll see that it's defined by A3145G, a mutation in the coding region. H11a2a, your subclade, doesn't have this mutation.

      Since only the full sequence mtDNA test looks at all mtDNA locations, including the coding region, it's clear that your Family Finder match has had the full sequence test. Have you done the full sequence test? If so, it means that you and the match are in different subclades. If you haven't done the full sequence test yet, you may find by upgrading to the full sequence that your true subclade is H11a2a1 too.

      However, keep in mind that even two people who are in the same subclade may not share a common maternal line ancestor for several hundred or even over 1,000 years.

      By the way, you've posted in a section of the forums for discussion of yDNA haplogroups. I'm almost sure that you're asking about your mtDNA haplogroup. You would probably get more responses, including from knowledgeable project administrators who deal with the H haplogroup, if you posted in the section for discussion of mtDNA haplogroups at
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