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Green tested SNP update question

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  • Green tested SNP update question

    I am sorry that I do not have the patience to comb through 29 pages to see if this is already answered:
    Our Project relies on the FTDNA Project grid to reflect test results, and we are moving more and more into genomic testing. We know that money can be saved by testing individual SNPS at another service, but those results would have to be manually maintained at another site for grid viewing. So the question is: will a ~$35 SNP test at FTDNA show a green "tested" terminal SNP "update" from such an individual test in their kit and public grid? Example: will men who are at I-P37 from STR reflect a positive downstream SNP of A7111 at FTDNA should they test that and prove positive, as opposed to paying for Big Y? This is a serious cost consideration, but we would expect all of our current STR samplers to be positive for that, so is there any point in encouraging individual SNP tests? This SNP is three upstream of the only two men of four who have Big Y results.