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  • I am ashamed not to know, but. . .

    the press of my correspondence and working on a book has kept me from the stream of information about Y700 changes.

    Big Y did not used to integrate with Y STR projects, meaning that the results would only be compared to other Big Y testers. No resultant STR values would show up in projects, so did not show on the the grid of STRs in projects and did not allow matches against others who tested 12, 25, 32, 67 or 111 STRs. At one point, FTDNA said I could pay to get all of ~400 STR predictions from my Big Y500 "translated." Then I was told that Y700 carried a "free" STR (111) panel along with the SNPs.

    Since then,I have been asked by a first-time sponsor if she should get her dad to do Y700. All of my project members who have done Y SNP of the "Big" variety did them after testing STRs, and so all we saw was a new downstream haplo on their grid results and a new panel on the homepage for Big Y.

    If the sampler gets at least 111 STRs with the Y700, then the cost of Y700 can be weighed against a 111 STR and Family Finder purchase, which seems to yield results that most samplers somewhat understand. I simply do not know what happens after Y700 as a first test, because it is outside of my experience.

    So, I do not know if a first-time Y700 tester gets panels of STRs to run matches against other STR testers, or if they can bring these to a surname or haplo project. This is important because the cost is quite high for someone not to get a result that runs against the more affordable STR matches.

    I would appreciate it anyone takes the time to clarify.
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    The first 111 STRs in the Big Y-700 are the ones tested for Y-111. So yes, if you order Big Y-700 as the first test it is the same as ordering the Y-111 and then the Big Y-700. The sponsor will get all the results to compare against other testers.


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      I was hoping this was the case, thanks for confirmation!


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        When FTDNA make the change from Big Y to Big Y500 (before Big Y700), they made the Big Y500 as an upgrade to Y111. As you might recall, before you could just order a Y12 and order the separate Big Y to skip the STR tests (Y37-Y111). Now instead of it being separate it upgrades your Y12 (or whatever STR test you are at) to Y111 as part of the package. Obiviously the Big Y700 costs less if you are at Y111 than if you are at Y37 or at no test. The Family Finder does not play a role in the cost.

        Big Y matching still only shows others who have taken Big Y.


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          Thanks for responses but these seem contradictory.
          Contemplator contradicts bhemph's answer:
          as the first test it is the same as ordering the Y-111
          in that Y-111 STR values show on the project grid and that should allow for matching both Big Y results and those 111 STRs.

          I understand that Big Y matching only matches for those testers, but it is implied in bhemph's answer and yours
          instead of it being separate it upgrades your [Y test] to Y111 as part of the package
          "Upgrading to Y111" should allow me as admin or the tester to run 111 matches, should it not?

          I will try to get confirmation from FTDNA about this but that avenue has been difficult for me to get any response.
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            I had Y-DNA67. I ordered Big Y500. I can see my Y-DNA111 matches. I assume the same would apply to Big Y700.


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              Thanks for all responders, here is a clear response from FTDNA:
              Hello Clinton,
              Thank you for contacting FTDNA! If a first time tester who has never tested with FTDNA (or who only has a Family Finder autosomal DNA test or an mtFull Sequence) takes a Big Y-700 the Y-111 STR panels are included as if they have ordered a Y-111. They will get their results back for the Y-111 matching and other features based off of those STRs as well as the Big Y matching and Block Tree results regarding their SNPs and haplogroup.
              So, yes, a first Big Y-700 tester gets those Y-111 STRs to match and compare with people who have taken a Y-111, etc.

              Best Regards,
              Casimir R.
              Big Y Specialist
              Information Specialist