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Y-700 upgrade, consuming DNA, and full genome tests

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  • Y-700 upgrade, consuming DNA, and full genome tests

    I have concerns that might need input from FTDNA staff; for a kit from a now-deceased family member that has mtFull, Big Y-500, and Family Finder tests, I have the opportunity now to upgrade to Big Y-700. Since getting another sample is no longer possible, I am concerned whether the DNA on file might be exhausted by so much testing.

    I wish FTDNA offered full genome testing, and perhaps it might in future. Given the choice between upgrading to Big Y 700 and even low-coverage full genome testing, I would pick full genome. If there were little or no concern about exhausting the DNA sample in upgrading to Big Y 700 I might just go for that, especially since full genome is not even on offer from FTDNA now. So, that is my dilemma.

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    Even many of the Genetic Genealogy sites seemed inclined to suggest NOT upgrading test kits to Y700 if they'd already been tested Y500 in the event that it involved a deceased individual. As it is, it is difficult to justify doing the Y500 upgrade on living persons, IMO. You're probably better served by finding a cousin and paying to get them BigY tested in the first place, and save the existing sample of the deceased for a much more substantial future offering.


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      There is another thing worth considering. If there is a future test that you would be interested in ordering for that kit, by then the sample will be older as well. Which means it will be less viable. What you can do is contact FTDNA through the "Customer Support" link at the top. Ask them about the sample. They may be able to advice you if you are low already or if you have a whole vial unused. Specify that you would like to have some left over for any future test. Of course they can't know if the sample will even pass, but they can at least give you some idea of how much could be left. For an older relative, I was lucky enough to get 4 vials worth of sample. So I am not too worried for the short term at least.

      I should also note that FTDNA told project admins the following:

      "The lab prefers fresher samples for the Big Y-700, so if the only sample available is a partial sample in the lab that is more than 2 years old, the lab is having us reach out to those kit managers to see if we are able to obtain fresh sample.

      We're looking into sample availability at the time of purchase, so if the person ordering the test receives an email about sending new sample, please respond directly to that email to let us know either your mailing address for the new collection kit or if the tester is no longer available and we need to use that partial sample."