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YFull now clustering some SNPs based on STR results?

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  • YFull now clustering some SNPs based on STR results?

    Happened to notice the charts for my "neighborhood" over on Yfull were reshuffled sometime in the past couple weeks, and the new entries/groupings are based on STR values mostly in the Y112+ range rather than SNPs themselves. I know some surname projects had already started doing this in some cases, but I am curious what others think on this recent development? Thoughts from someone involved in a surname project that has been using the STRs already would likely be of particular interest.

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    I think it is a good idea. One just has to be cautious about which STRs to use. I've been doing this in a relatively small surname project on my own for a while, and there are clear patterns of some STRs that I can count on as branching points. They only really stand out once you have multiple samples with the same STR of course. I've only managed to use a few STRs in this way. Even then they usually are linked to kits that have done Big Y as their SNPs serve as a way to test that those STRs aren't simply parallel mutations. Most of the kits in this surname project have not uploaded to YFull, so I don't have the option to compare it there.