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Nevgen and Steven Morse predictors

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  • Nevgen and Steven Morse predictors

    I was hoping someone could explain why Nevgen is giving me a fitness of 49.8 for R1b, with no possibility of subgroups. And a fitness of 22.3 for QM343. Steve Morse predictor is giving me prediction of 63 for R1b and a prediction of 47 for QM343. FTDNA “predicts” me at R-M269. But looking at the predictor results I apparently share a descent percentage of STR markers with those of QM343. And just a “little” more of a percentage of those within R-M269. I am only tested at 67. But one of my close matches that has basically the same prediction levels at 111 markers. I have been told that my strs are “out of the ordinary”. Which is obviously true. As when I imput str’s into nevgen with some of my known 5th 6th cousins, sharing surnames it generates higher fitness of around 93% for R1B. Anyone have any ideas? I know I should do Big Y but thats not in the forseeable future.