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FTDNA111 to YSEQ116 upgrade test

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  • FTDNA111 to YSEQ116 upgrade test

    Wondering if anyone has an opinion about this $49.00 YSEQ STR upgrade.
    Trying to figure out what this upgrade would do and would not do. Found zero anywhere regarding this Q, or anyone who has tried it.
    Have some ideas,thoughts and concerns but thought someone might know.

    From the order page:

    This Y-STR panel contains only the new YSEQ STRs that are missing for FTDNA customers who tested all available Y-STR tests from FTDNA:



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    They are a great company, the problem is that any terminal SNP results will never integrate with what you have on FTDNA. It sounds great for those who understand and can deal with independent lab results. Most of my project members do not. I might consider going for it and adding those to my 111 spreadsheet grids, but I am not sure how I would ever be able to compare them to anyone else's, which is the whole point (for me) of doing STRs.


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      A few in the above STR list show results in my YFull interpretation, most are blank, and a few are not listed there, nor on the Synonyms list. They are sending me a kit in the mail, so I will give it a try. Your thoughts echo mine, thank you.


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        In the wake of glackley' s posting, I can assume that should I do this Y SNP pack, it would test possible confirmations of what YFull predicts (?) Is that an accurate thought? I am terminalled at I-A1890 on Yfull, I-F1997 on FTDNA, from the trunk of I-M253.
        My Yfull variants show this, with stars for rate of mutation and predictive streams, (equivalents), and one declared private:
        DYS728 --
        DYS723 22 A1 private mutation
        DYR112 12 ** A1b
        DYS711 --
        DYR76 14 ** I
        DYR33 14 ** A1b
        DYS727 --
        DYR157 11 *** I
        DYS713 --
        DYS518 --
        DYS614 16 ** I-Z59
        DYS626 30 ** I-A1890 (YF05274)
        DYS644 17 ** I-Z58 (I-A5697)
        DYS684 --

        I am not sure what I can do with the information if I do this pack. If these are confirmed, it does not look as if it takes me downstream, but I am already out of my depth here. Does "new" mean identified newly by YSEQ? What I am gleaning from this is that I would be able to add these STRs to my spreadsheet, but study privately, but I do not understand the name FTDNA111 to YSEQ116, I am missing something in the translation.

        I am sending a query to the Krahns, in hopes that they can explain what this accomplishes. Thanks for posting the original query, I have tested as YSEQ but did not receive notification about this "STR upgrade panel."
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          The answer that I received about how to use this seems to suggest that if you test a grouping in a project for these, you might spot a branching point within a closely related group. The implication is that if one of these STRs is predicted at any service, you can confirm it by test individually or in this pack, and then encourage or sponsor individuals to see if a particular cousin line shares the STR value (?)
          It was also suggested that the Y STR results from Big Y have a "high error rate," while as for those predicted at YFull: "you probably don't need to re-test them."
          I am not at home with these Y STR values as to where they would fall in the chain beyond 111, because I do not see any mutation rate predictions for them anywhere.


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            Thank you for the very detailed information in your responses, which certainly clears up the many questions I had. Greatly appreciated!


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              YSEQ has its own STR panels: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma. If you count the markers listed they total 116. Some of which are not in FTDNA's Y111. Some STRs count as 1 for YSEQ while FTDNA will count it as more than 1. For example, DYS464 counts as 1 for YSEQ while FTDNA will count it as 4 STRs.

              The reason the panel says FTDNA111 to YSEQ116 is so that a FTDNA user with Y111 can take this upgrade panel to match up the STRs tested by those YSEQ panels without having to retest most of the STRs again. If you look, those upgrade STRs are found in the Delta and Gamma panels.

              Is testing these STRs useful? I don't know. No way to know until you have some people test. More data can't hurt.

              I took a look at the YSTRs of a Big Y700 tester to see if any of the YSEQ upgrade STRs are found there. Most of them were not listed in FTDNA's YSTR results page, but I found these that have similar names to 3 of them: