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Doing a SNP test

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  • Doing a SNP test

    My husband has done up to the Y111 level test. I just ordered him a SNP test and from what it says, he will be sent a kit to do the test. Is this correct or will they use the sample from which they did the other Y DNA tests?

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    As long as you click on upgrade link while logged into his account, or clicked on kit is for existing customer in shopping cart, they will use sample on hand.
    If you received a new kit number and login, then test was not ordered under his yDNA111 account.

    If there is not enough of the sample remaining to test, then they will ship out a new testing kit to the shipping address associated with account.


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      Thanks! Yes, I did go through the upgrade link and it was put in the shopping cart. I asked because at check out, it listed the purchasers name and address and then had the address for the kit to be sent. Maybe he needs to do it again since I have upgraded from the 37 to 67 to the 111. I will wait and see if a kit comes, if not then I guess they are using the original sample.


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        I did order the SNP for BY17945, because of the matches my husband has at the Y111 level, his best matches all had been assigned this BY17945. The test came back negative. I truly do not understand how he could match so many men from the same surname but not match in this SNP. I guess it is back to the drawing board but I am not sure it will help to just keep pouring money down the rabbit hole when only a hand full of men with the same surname have tested (less than 10). Everyone says do the BIG Y or do another SNP for Z255. I was so hoping this SNP would be a match.