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Advantages of adding a backbone pack @ $99?

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  • Advantages of adding a backbone pack @ $99?

    My Y-67 test is complete. I match some other males with my surname and those who either have trees or respond to e-mail are known distant cousins.
    1) FTDNA has invited me to spend $99 for a "R1b - M343&M269v2 Backbone SNP Pack" to get a more precise haplotype than R-M269.
    2) I also learned that I have a Y-chromosome curiosity: a Null DYS448 STR where my distant cousins have a 19.

    Would I be better advised to spend my money on the Backbone SNP Pack or to test a 1st cousin to see if he also carrier the Null STR?

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    Based on what you have said, the M343 SNP pack is not worth getting for your case.

    If SNP testing is of interest, the Big Y is better than a SNP pack. The SNP pack will test for 100+ SNPs but you may still need to take another SNP pack after that to go further down. Then there could be SNPs left to test that have not made their way into a SNP pack. Only the Big Y can get you further after that.

    Sounds like testing that first cousin to triangulate that null STR would be more interesting than changing your haplogroup designation. Which won't change your match list.