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J2 L70+ but Z435-

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  • J2 L70+ but Z435-

    I have a J sequence that has the variant at L70 but not Z435 (also negative for M137 and M318). My understanding is that officially in the latest Y tree, the only recognized, testable, clade of L70 is snp Z435, so that for standard testing, this sequence will remain L70* and no further official snp testing can be done at present. If i'm out of date on that, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.

    And For those interested in this branch, let me keep thinking out loud. Otherwise can skip all of this. I have seen that for some testing big Y that are L70+ and Z435-, they have been discovering unique snps. But I am not sure if trying to hunt down all those snps that have been uncovered, or testing this sequence with big Y, makes alot of sense in this case at this time. This starts to get into the STRs but note that at the 12 marker STR level, there is no match to this sequence in all of FTDNA except for others with the same surname, and at no match at the 25 marker level, even several steps removed. One of the same surname matches has tested out to 111 STRs but at this point, its not clear I'll be able to do anything with that info. happy to discuss further with anyone who has special interest in this branch.

    Anyway, maybe will post some of these things that go beyond my SNP question in the STR or big Y discussion topics. thanks.