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  • R-Z46,R-S4634

    Hi everibody, I would like to know something about my haplogroup, Z46 according to Geno 2.0, R-S4634 on family tree DNA. It's difficult to find something on the web! Thank you!!

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    YFull's haplotree for R-S4634


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      Hello Davide D,

      Having just received the results of my Big Y-700 test, I see that I am also R-S4634. That would make us cousins, of course, but when exactly? I see one estimate is that the mutation occurred about 3,600 years before the present.

      My Artinger line traces from Pennsylvania to extreme eastern Austria / western Hungary in what today is Burgenland, Austria and Vas, Hungary. My great grandparents came to America in 1901 from Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal in Austria and right on the border of Austria and Hungary. My great grandfather was born in the nearby village of Tschanigraben which is today in the district of Gussing, Austria. They were German speaking Hungarians and were part of the migration from that farming area to Pennsylvania at the beginning of the last century.

      Tracking my Artinger surname in that area, it seems to pop up there around the end of the 1700s.

      I believe my line migrated there from southern Germany where it has been rooted for many centuries. This would be north of the Alps in the Baden-Wurttemberg area of Germany in southern Germany in the Rhine Valley.

      Like you, I am looking for anything written on R-S4634 but have not found much online. I am hoping that new studies being written will include more on R-U152, R-Z43 and R-S4634 concerning their origins and migrations. Concerning R-U152, most people tested that come from that area are positive for L2 but I am negative. This puts me into a minority group in that area...all circa 4,500 ybp.

      Best to you and your family,