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Z209 was the Goths

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    Originally posted by benowicz View Post
    For evidence of 4,400 years of age you submitted a study that hasn't been performed yet. So this point is also speculation.

    I think my idea of mutual tolerance should be respected. If I tolerate someone, but they insist not to tolerate me that makes them look not so good.
    We're not trying to give you a hard time. What we're saying is that you have put forward a proposition that a theory you have about Z209 and Goths is correct. But all you have to support your theory is your perception of a map of the modern distribution of Z209, suggesting to you that Z209 occurs in Spain due to the migration of Goths.

    In order for us to accept your proposition, we're saying that you need some proof that Z209 was present among those Goths who came to Spain. This is why I am saying that you need some DNA results from ancient remains to prove your point. Armando is going farther by pointing out that Z209 is about 4,400 years old and that Goths have been around as a tribe for about 3,000 years, so it's impossible for Goths as a tribe to be the original source of Z209.

    In other words, we're asking you to prove your theory with some physical evidence. That's what's known as the scientific method. Basically, the scientific method doesn't have a lot of tolerance for pure speculation. I hope that clarifies why we're disputing your proposition - it's nothing personal.