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  • 23andme changed haplogroup

    Just got a new designation on 23andme. They changed me to E-V12 but FTDNA has me (actually my brother) as E-L117. What does that mean?

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    Unless your brother has had SNP testing, FTDNA is only able to predict his haplogroup based on his STR markers. E-L117 is the prediction that FTDNA gives for someone who is E-V12, like your brother. It's a very basic haplogroup prediction, so your brother's E-V12 designation at 23andMe is more precise.

    However, 23andMe doesn't offer more advanced SNP testing, which FTDNA does have. Your brother probably has a more downstream (younger) SNP than V12. If he and you are interested in finding that, you can order a SNP pack or Big Y test to investigate that.

    The E-V68 SNP pack, which covers the branch on which V12 is, tests dozens of known SNPs that may be relevant to your brother's paternal line. Big Y tests several million locations on the y chromosome and can find new SNPs. Some of the new SNPs are unique to your brother's paternal line in the last several generations and some define a new branch on the V12 tree, if someone with a different surname is found to share the SNP.

    The best thing to do, if you or your brother haven't done so already, is to join the E-M35 Project at You should let the administrators know that your brother has already tested V12+ at 23andMe. Then they'll be able to give him more specific testing advice.


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      Thanks for the response. I also posed this question on the FTDNA e-3b board. At one time there was a group called haplozone. I remember one member in particular and his name was Kerry O'Dair. He did a lot of analysis. Is that group still around? They did a lot of great things with this information.


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        Cats, try this:
        It's part of "the worldwide project for haplogroup E1b1b1 (former E3b) and all its subclades."