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Question about Haplogroup M222 > DF105/ DF109 > DF85

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  • Question about Haplogroup M222 > DF105/ DF109 > DF85


    I have a question for Haplogroup M222 > DF105/ DF109 > DF85

    I have two members that match STR distance 60/67 one has the surname McGlynn the other Glenn. They are both positive for haplogroup R-DF105/ R-DF109.

    The problem is one is positive for the downstream haplogroup R-DF85 and the other is negative for it. Does this mean their STR match of 60/67 is due to convergence and they actually have a much older ancestor? Or am I missing something?


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    Which tests were used to determine the R-DF85 results? Were the tests done at about the same time? Have the results been verified by testing with a different company?


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      Here is the info on the test. One was a Big Y the other M222 v2.0 SNP Pack. They have not been tested outside of FTDNA as far as I know. I should mention no one else on this cluster has tested any SNPs

      Kit # B9807 McGlynn was Big Y completed on 04/11/2015 and they are R-P312+ > L21+ > M222+ > DF105+ and DF109+ > DF85 +

      Kit # 9869 Glenn was R1b - M222 v2.0 SNP Pack on 9/23/2014 and they are R-P312+ > L21+ > M222+ > DF105+/ DF109+ > DF85 –

      Here is a link to the results page with how I have clustered the group if that is helpful:


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        Thanks for the additional information. I'm far from a SNP expert. You might look for a Y-DNA Haplogroup project both men could join, have them join it and ask the admin(s) for their advice.

        I have no idea of the age of DF85. You might be told that the men may have had a common ancestor that lived before the time of the DF85 mutation.

        You could verify the DF85 results by having both men test DF85 with another company.

        I have sent you a private message.
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          DF85/S675 * S668formed 1900 ybp, TMRCA 1900 ybpinfo

          R-M222 and Subclades Project

          Admins to ask


          David Wilson

          Susan Hedeen