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Any Chance of the Big Y Price Reducing?

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  • Any Chance of the Big Y Price Reducing?

    I've tested to 111 markers and then did the M343 SNP pack but all that did was give me a haplogroup of R-L2 and rule out the small number of 12 marker matches that I had as false positives leaving me with none so it looks like I'm going to have to do the Big Y.

    The current price is just too expensive for me though and so I was wondering if there any chance that the cost of the Big Y will be reduced any time soon?

    Unless of course anyone can think of another option for further Y-testing? I don't think there is a SNP pack for R-L2 though?
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    No SNP pack will give you what the Big Y can give you. The Big Y can find SNPs only you and closest relatives have which will become new branches in the haplogroup tree once others have tested with the same SNPs. Therefore those SNPs are new and unknown and won't be in any SNP pack.

    There was word that the Big Y was getting changes this year. It is possible they will lower the price at that point even if it is only temporary. You could wait for the next sale to get it. During the holiday sale of 2015 people bought it with a discount as big as $150. There will be other sales during the year, but they probably won't be that low. So check from time to time to see if there is a sale or coupons available. The next one could be around DNA Day (April 25) or maybe even Easter.


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      Okay, that's useful to know, thanks.