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Iterative process for working with YDNA?

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  • Iterative process for working with YDNA?


    I came at this a bit bull in a China shop and i'm now trying to figure the best way to use the information I have. Having tracked through the paper records for a couple of years I DNA tested the hypothesis with a distant relative in Australia and it broke. Its most likely based on the evidence that 1: my 2x greatgrandfather b1842 Sweden wasnt but also possible that 2: my great grandfather B:1865 Liverpool wasn't. I've tested atDNA everywhere and also have Y111 and Big Y700 here. My father has atDNA here and MyHeritage.
    I've put what i have on Yfull and Gedmatch.
    I have zero matches at Y111, 3 x 6 step matches at Y67. I dont have any zero step exact matches until I get down to Y12 which I assume are meaningless.
    Y700 shows two matches. I cant cross reference those names with any of the aTDNA testing or the Yxxx testing. Reaching out to people hasn't got a useful response. My working theory at the moment is that this was visiting sailor from Germany or Scandanavia. Do I just have to wait for a YDNA match to show up. Any suggestions on how to narrow this down? HAppy to post more information but I dont know the questions yet.

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    What is your Big Y haplogroup? Your Big Y block tree can be used for time estimates.


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      Sorry for the delay in replying - life in the way

      FTDNA Y-DNA Haplotree - Confirmed Haplogroup is R-BY55726
      On YFull


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        I guess your Big Y matches have haplogroup R-BY57177? I believe they are related to you possibly 1000 years ago. I think you just have to wait.