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    I am an adoptee. I know my bm. I had no info at all on BF. I have done autosomal testing and have definitively identified one set paternal great grand parents. They had 7 or 8 children all of whom had 2 to 5 children. I suspect my father is from this last generation. I have identified several candidates. I have spent hours analyzing shared matches and tracing each of the spouses lines of those 7 or 8 children in order to see if they throw up new shared matches which point to one line or another. To date this has not yielded a firm result.

    My question is this. Would Y-DNA testing be a useful device to attempt to identify from which of these 7 or 8 couples comes my father's father. My thinking here is that Y-DNA testing might suggest surnames and if one of those surnames matches with one of these 7 or 8 couples, then I am that much closer to figuring out the mystery.

    I am reluctant to reach out to the candidates or their families at this time, as I believe I am unknown to my BF and do not want to unnecessarily upset family relationships (particularly if I identify the wrong candidate).

    My BF is from the England.

    Does Y-DNA testing make sense on the above scenario. If so which test to have done.

    Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

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    Hi! It doesn't look like anyone has replied to you yet, so I'll respond. Yes - Y DNA testing may be useful - depending on who else in your direct paternal lines has also done Y DNA testing. You might want to start with the Y-37 test. You are correct - if you get good matches, it may help direct you to a surname and you can then look to see where that family line intersects with the paternal family line you have already identified. Or maybe it will direct you to the same surname you have already identified, and then you would know you are looking for a direct male descendant from that family. There is a possibility, though, the results will be inconclusive - there's a bit of luck involved regarding the matches you get.


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      Thank you for your response. After not having a response I posted in another forum. Bottom line is I sprung for big y. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford it (i think) and have a significant interest in the subject so am prepared to take a flyer on it. Even if it does not reveal something right away, I would hope that it will add to the knowledge base and eventually will yield greater results as more people test....As for my specific parental line, autosomal DNA is clearing that puzzle up and bringing greater certainty with each new match for a particular paternal line...


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        Glad to hear you were able to get information through another source and have a Y DNA test in the works. And it sounds like you're making progress in your search. Wishing you good luck!