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Figuring out what subclades I may belong to

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  • Figuring out what subclades I may belong to

    Got a question for those at a really advanced knowledge level and I hope this is the right forum for it. Otherwise, I do not mind it moved to a different forum.

    My paternal haplogroup was found a few weeks ago at 23&me to be R-Z93. They claim there may be additional defining mutations in my genes, but that with their current data, assigning me to a subclade is not justified.

    I was born to Ashkenazic parents and am neither a Kohen nor a lay Levite. There have also been no converts in both my maternal and paternal lines as far as I know (at least back until the 18th century). My ancestry composition was determined by that company as 99.7% Ashkenazic Jewish, 0.2% "broadly European" and 0.1% "unassigned".

    For the time being my meager finances are tied up with other matters. So until I can afford a more detailed DNA test at some other company to find out if there are grounds to assign me to a subclade of R-Z93, I want to try to narrow down the subclade possibilities for myself.

    Taking into account the chart at , I am wondering whether my subclade is Y40 or if I belong to Z2122. Are these in your opinion the only 2 possible sub-haplogroups for R-Z93 Jews like me? If not, what other possible subclades could I be assigned to?

    Thanks in advance to those who will seriously reply to this inquiry.

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    I'm not an expert, but typically the advice would be to use the Nevgen Y-DNA Haplogroup Predictor, or Whit Athey's Haplogroup Predictor, where you could enter your STR values. You can't do that, since 23andMe doesn't show your defining STR markers as FTDNA would for a Y-DNA STR test. 23andMe used to show you the defining mutations used to predict your haplogroup (in their former "Ancestry Labs" section, with the Haplogroup Tree Mutation Mapper), but that is no longer offered. They currently show a haplogroup path for Y-DNA down to your predicted haplogroup, in the Ancestry > Paternal Haplogroup > Scientific Details page, but still no mutations.

    I believe you need to have an account at FTDNA in order to join a Project Group, so if you haven't done it already, perhaps you should consider transferring your raw data to FTDNA, which will give you an account. Then you can join a project such as the R1a & all subclades Project, where the administrators may be able to give you some advice. I see that it says on their About Us page:
    To participate, you are not required to order a test kit or take another test, just click the Join button.
    You could try visiting the link to see if you can join without having an FTDNA account, but I'm not in that project, so can't say if that will work.

    With your current situation, it sounds like you will need to wait and save up so you can afford to do a Y-DNA test to get a better idea of which Y-DNA branch you are in. FTDNA runs sales throughout the year at various times; the next one that would be good for Y-DNA is usually for Father's Day, in June; the end of year Holiday Sale also usually has good sale pricing.

    Perhaps another forum member will see your post and have more or better advice.


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      Thanks a lot. This advice is immensely appreciated.