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    I have had the Y111 tests done and they don't match anyone with my surname. So I'm assuming there is a child been born out of wedlock that carried the surname down. I just upgraded to the BigY test while it's on sale. I have no matches after 37 markers so I'm hoping I can match something with the Big Y test but I'm very optimistic. I'm new to all of this and I have been doing a lot of reading and I have joined a few projects to no avail. Thoughts???

    The other question I have is if it's paternal, does that mean on both my dad's father and mother side or only my dad's side?

    Thanks Bryan

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    Only men have a Y chromosome, that's what makes them male instead of female. So if that is what you are thinking of for paternal, called patrilineal, it is only through the man each generation back. If you are talking about Family Finder, then paternal would be any ancestor of your father.

    There are other reasons for why you may not match anyone with your surname. First is that the related men with your surname have not tested. Second is that some mutation happened not far in the past that makes it so that you don't have any close marker matches. Third is a surname change (adoption by step-father, inheritance, change name to hide or for understandability, etc.)

    Depending on your surname, the surname may have only been stable for the last 100 or 200 years. So you have to know those considerations as well about how close someone with the surname could be.


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      That helps some as far as what I was asking on the paternal side of things. I don't understand all of the markers and numbers for them. Is there a way through my Y111 tests I can find anything? Can any of the projects help with the surnames? I'm new and trying to figure out where to start. Any help is appreciated


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        Others really can't help you unless they can see your results. I believe the easiest and safest way to have this happen is to join a project. Consider surname projects, Haplogroup projects and/or region projects. Without knowing your predicted or tested Haplogroup and/or your surname that isn't much more we can suggest.

        When you join a project the more access you allow the project admin the more they may be able to help. Also allow everyone to be able to see your project results results. Then lest us know your kit number and the project(s) you joined so we can go to the project and see your results. This may help, but it may not.

        The bottom line is no one can help with out knowing more. If you haven't ordered a autosomal DNA test you should consider doing so.


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          My kit number is 951918 and it says I'm R-M269 on the haplogroup. I have joined several possible projects and I am still waiting on some results. Sometimes it seems as if they sit as ungrouped. I'm trying to read and understand more of the dna data. I have actually got census records for my township and during a possible time period and I have been looking at possibilities in the surnames and joining groups that way


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            Originally posted by MAXIMUS1968 View Post
            Sometimes it seems as if they sit as ungrouped.
            FTDNA started Surname project about 2002 or before. Several volunteer admins have died or retired since that time. With the passage of so many privacy laws a lot group of admins resigned. Today many projects no longer have an admin so new members don't get grouped. Those of us remaining have other thing goin on in our lives so it takes longer to get the project web pages updated than we like. Hopefully your kit will be assigned to a group before too long.

            The R-M269 Haplogroup is the largest Haplogroup. If you'll give us the name of a project or two you have joined we'll be able to see your 111 results and might be able to make some suggestions.


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              I know others have answered your questions, but I thought I would throw in my two cents in the form of a graphic I made that illustrates how the Y chromosome is passed along from father to son.

              y chromosome line of descent graphic.jpg


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                Did you look for somewhat similar names? Sometimes the spelling of names changed. My husband comes from one of three brothers who came over in the early 1900's and they all had different spellings to their last name. They didn't really think of the name as a family name as it was simply a name of the town they came from. Then one of them went and totally change the name he went by. Makes for confusing searches. The anglicisation of personal names wasn't uncommon, but it was also done with family names. One of my ancestor's children ended up bearing the family name of Friend. The ancestor was tagged with the name Frande when he landed in New Sweden. He didn't have a family name, rather he carried his name and his father's, Nils Larsson.


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                  I have joined on several of the surname groups that are associated with names that I know may be possible. I am in the R R1b ALL Subclades group also. I have upgraded to the BigY but the results are being analyzed right now