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  • Upgrades?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, but here goes... A while back I ordered a y37 test for my brother. It yielded some results that were interesting. I've been thinking about upgrading it to y67. At one point I'd received email invitations to do so but couldn't afford to at the time. NOW, however, I cannot even find where to do such a link, nothing! I did click on the shopping cart where it looks like there are a couple of "default" upgrades; y111 and BigY. I'll be honest and say I cannot afford those!! I really just want to take a simple, small step and do the next test. Unless, that is, a y67 isn't going to give me any more information than I already have. If it will not make much difference as far as any new matches or narrowing down, zeroing in on what I already know then perhaps I should wait until I can afford to do one of the larger upgrades. What say you experts?
    My brother has three matches that also tested y37 that are a gd of 1; they are all from the same immediate family. This is helpful to me because their ancestor was from the same geographic area that I was fairly certain mine was from. I have contacted the administrator and we have been working to discover the connection. There is a subgroup, though, in the surname project, with just a few members who have tested y67, 37, I think one may have tested y111 - from a nearby geographic area. On paper many people have these two families with the same surname linked - and they may be. My brother does not match them as closely, with gd's of 2, 3 some larger.
    I understood the ydna test would not give me all the answers that I was seeking, but I hoped that it would...unmurky the waters a little. To a certain extent it has. Unfortunately I am not able to jump in with both feet and just do mad testing, I need to get the most bang for my buck. Sorry for using so many idioms!
    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Sign into your kit. Look for 'ADD ONS & UPGRADES' near the upper right hand corner of the page. This will be a bit to the left of the kit holder's name. Click on it.


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      Originally posted by Jim Barrett View Post
      Sign into your kit. Look for 'ADD ONS & UPGRADES' near the upper right hand corner of the page. This will be a bit to the left of the kit holder's name. Click on it.
      I checked out this scenario by logging into one of the kits I manage, for a male who has done no Y-DNA testing. Clicking on the "Add ons & Upgrades" gave me the same results as Sis65: only Y-37, Y-111, and Big Y were shown as choices.

      Sis65, perhaps the administrators of the surname project your brother is in can offer a Y-67 test. I believe that is still true project admins can offer Y-12 tests, so it's possible that it's the same for Y-67. Your brother and the subgroup of matches who are at a genetic distance of 2 and 3 may be at a closer GD if your brother tests at a higher level. You may have to save up and bite the bullet to test at Y-111. But keep in mind that if you ever think your brother might do the Big Y-700 test, it does include the same Y-111 markers. So, if you think he might do a Big Y-700 in the future, you may want to see if the project can arrange for an upgrade to Y-67 for now.

      As the administrator of a small family project, I received an email from FTDNA two days ago, announcing their St. Patrick's Day sale. The only Y-DNA tests offered at a lower price were bundled with the Family Finder test, and there was no Y-67 bundle (or otherwise) offered.


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        I checked one of my Y-37 kits and had the option to upgrade to Y-67 as Jim described.

        1.) Log in to the kit you wish to upgrade.
        2.) Towards the upper right select "ADD ON & UPGRADES".
        3.) Don't scroll down next page just select "Upgrades".
        4.) Then select "Order Now" next to the Y-DNA67 option

        Once you have done that it is added to your shopping cart. Also on your shopping cart page find where it says "Coupon Code" and select that then try entering the code: RTUS67
        That coupon code was from the Rootstech conference and should be good until April 19, 2021. That particular code is only good for upgrading a kit from Y-37 to Y-67 like you wish to do ($20 off).


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          Wish I could "Like" your post, mattn! Thanks for figuring that out, plus the coupon info. I hope Sis65 can take advantage of it.


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            EUREKA!! I have found it!! Thanks to all of you and thanks MATTN for the coupon info which I will definitely try. It seems almost tricky of ftdna to put the lower cost upgrades under a tab that is somewhat unnoticeable and yet in plain sight. I will get the y67 upgrade and see how we make out. In due time we shall see if we feel the need for further testing.
            Once again I appreciate you all so much!!


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              Y67 ordered AND the coupon code did work! Thanks a million -- AGAIN!