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  • How about R1b-A8053

    Hello everyone. I just found out that my paternal haplogroup is R1b-A8053 => A8051 => FGC37100. It seems that it is a very minority haplogroup and I hardly find information about it. In FamilyTree there are only a few people belonging to A8053, of which 28 are FGC37100. Within FGC37100, there are 10 people from Scotland, 6 from Ireland, 3 from USA, 1 from UK, 1 from Portugal and 6 without assigned nationality.
    Also, in the Y-DNA classic chart I have been able to check several old members of FGC37100. All of them from Scotland, except for an American with a German surname (Pfeiffer) and an Irishman, but the latter seems to have been an Ulster Scot.

    Looking at the surnames of these people I have verified that they are Scottish surnames of Norman, Anglo or Scandinavian origin, in any case they are not surnames of Gaelic or British origin. I have also been able to verify that this haplogroup exists in England, as well as in Germany. In addition, it seems that in the archaeological site of the battle of Tollense A8051 has been found in some remains. This leads me to speculate a possible Germanic-Nordic origin, at least associated with Nordic Bronze if we take into account the A8051 from Tollense. This added to the presence of this haplogroup in families of possible Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon and / or Norman descent in the British Isles.

    What do you think? Can anyone give me some more information on this?